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Mini breakthrough Program

Learning what the roadblocks are to your success, is the first step in true change. Putting new attitudes and strategies directly into the unconscious mind is a the key for it to become a habit which inevitably leads to your success.


Transformation Breakthrough

How we do one thing is how we do everything. When we make the shift in one area of your life, all areas are shifted towards awesomeness. Nothing more powerful then when the baggage of the past is dropped. That is when true joy and health come into alignment.

Light of Awesome

Hypnotherapy Session

Together we can help you literally "change" your mind, awaken your awesomeness and get rid of your problem, in as little as one session.

A Healthy Body
starts with
a healthy mind.

There are whole industries dedicated to telling you you’re broken. You need fixing. You’ll only be good enough when you see a certain number in your clothes or on the scales. That “success” means having a certain job, looking a certain way and living a certain lifestyle.

I help women release those limiting beliefs easily and effortlessly. When you release those beliefs, your body follows.  LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! Your body is a messenger from your mind, showing you what you need to do, if you listen.  Together we will help your mind and body sing again in harmony.

Achieve More

  • Health goals (ideal weight, quit smoking, maintaining new exercise)
  • Move from overwhelmed to focused
  • Increase your motivation
  • Develop more confidence
  • Believe in yourself again - self love
  • Quiet the negative self talk
  • Re-Discover your inner power
  • Be the leader you are meant to be.

and more

Spark your Awesomeness

Mini breakthrough

The first step to awakening your awesomeness, is to take the first step. With this mini breakthrough session you will release one limiting belief that is holding you back and mindset shift that puts you in the direction of what you do want.

Spark your Awesomeness PLUS

Extend your mini-breakthrough with 3 maintenance sessions and attend one of our workshops, with a friend.

A New Level of Awesomeness

With this program, results are guaranteed.

Transformation Breakthrough

It's time. We will silence all the negative self talk you experience everyday.  Allowing you to clearly see all new possibilities that come your way that you could not see before.  The transformational breakthrough sessions are designed to help people that are frustrated with how things are.  They are eager to finally eliminate the root to all their limiting behaviours for good.

With this program, Alison will work with you to remove your limiting beliefs and negative emotions from the past that are holding you back from moving forward successfully.

Once limiting beliefs are removed, new strategies and quantum goals will be installed into the unconscious mind, so success is inevitable.

The Transformational Breakthrough session includes 10-12 hours of coaching over 5 to 6 sessions.

New Level of Awesomeness PLUS

Extend your mini-breakthrough with 3 maintenance sessions and attend one of our workshops, with a friend.

Book your free discovery call, to learn more about this program and our money-back guarantee,

Light of Awesome

Hypnotherapy Session

When one goes into hypnosis, they increase their focus and concentration by 10,000 times. This allows clients to turn their attention completely inward and find the resources they already have deep within themselves to help them make the change required to get their desired behaviour. Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating change in certain repetitive behaviours.

Light of Awesome PLUS

Extend your first session, with 4 more. The plus program includes 5 hypnotherapy sessions for the price of 4.

“I found Alison's style really authentic and she wanted understand what it takes to get you better, and is committed to getting you to a better place.”


“Since doing the programme my confidence, my energy, and my life did reach a new awesome.”